Ancient traditional massage techniques are tailored to target specific pressure points, releasing tension and promoting better circulation throughout the body. Moreover, our oils use only the finest, all-natural ingredients to ensure the ultimate relaxation experience. From vegan and organic body scrubs to luxurious facials, we have everything you need to refresh and rejuvenate. Moreover, our expert nail services and waxing will not only boost your confidence but also give you an added spring in your step.


60 mins – $16  |  90 mins  – $23 (no oil)

Foot & Lower Leg Massage

60 mins  –  $16  |  90 mins – $23

60 mins – $19  |  90 mins  – $27  (with oil)

Full Leg Oil Massage

60 mins  –  $20  |  90 mins – $28

Back Neck and Head Oil Massage

60 mins – $20  |  90 mins  – $28

Khmer Strength Massage

60 mins  –  $22  |  90 mins – $32


4 Hands Full Body Massage

60 mins – $32  |  90 mins  – $45 (no oil)

60 mins – $32  |  90 mins  – $45 (with oil)

4 Hands Foot & Lower Leg

30 mins  –  $19  |  60 mins – $36 (with lotion)

4 Hands Back, Neck & Head Oil

30 mins – $25  |  60 mins – $45 (with oil)

4 Hands Full Leg Massage

30 mins – $25  |  60 mins – $45 (with oil)


Foot Scrub

Ginger and sea salt infused with essential oils give this home-made foot scrub a natural boost. Moisturizing, exfoliating and revitalizing Proudly made with organic, vegan, local products

~30 mins  |  $16

Ginger & Sea Salt Body Scrub

A natural, medium strength scrub containing an abundance of nutrients. Exfoliates and restores skin to it’s natural beauty. Ingredients include sesame seeds, tamarind, ginger, honey, pineapple and sea salt. Proudly made with natural and local products.

60 mins  |  $25

Khmer Herbal Body Scrub

Skin scouring, hard strength scrub of sea salt infused with fresh ginger. Scrubs away dirt and oil, resulting in soft and smooth the skin. With toning properties, this scrub fights signs of aging. Proudly made with organic, vegan, local products

60 mins  –  $25


Organic Red Wine w/ Clay Mask

For sensitive, medium, oily skin types. High levels of antioxidant polyphenols, found in red wine are beneficial to maintaining healthy skin. Detoxifying properties combat acne, oil, and free radicals, stimulate blood circulation, firms, and leaves your skin bright and glowing. Proudly using organic red wine, natural, local products

60 mins – $20

Multivitamin w/ Mango Honey Mask

For sensitive, medium skin types. Naturally high in vitamins, this facial fights back against acne, eczema and prevents clogging of pores. Powerful antioxidants keep the skin looking young and healthy by boosting the renewal of skin cells. Proudly using natural, local products
60 mins – $22

Avocado & Oat Facial

This vegan friendly facial benefits from avocado, which helps in the healing of acne and wrinkles. Oats are moisturizing, whilst orange and turmeric provide antioxidant and antibacterial properties respectively. This facial is amazing for those with oily skin, but works wonders for all skin types. New and highly recommended. Proudly using vegan-friendly, natural, local products

60 mins – $22



No Polish$8


Gel Polish$20


No Polish$9


Gel Polish$22


No Polish$12


Gel Polish$35


Bikini (front)$15


Half Legs$15

Full Legs$25

Half Back$15

Full Back$25


Chest + Stomach$23


Half Arms$15

Full Arms$20


– For ages 3 to 9. Please note, a parent or guardian must accompany their child at all times. –

Did you ever want to enjoy that relaxing massage moment with your kids? We offer treatments specifically designed with your little ones in mind. As parents ourselves, we relish the opportunity to spend quality time with our most loved ones. Now, you can too.

Kids' Khmer Massage

Duration: 45 mins

No oil$10

Organic Oil$12

Kid's Foot Massage

Duration: 45 mins

Organic Lotion $12

Kids' Facial

Avocado & Oat$12


Kids' Manicure

No Polish$5


Kids' Pedicure

No Polish$5


Kids' Mani & Pedi

No Polish$9