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Lemongrass Garden is a mid-range, family run spa based in the heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia. It is our aim to offer the best massage and services at affordable prices for lone travelers, couples and families alike. Throughout our extensive menu of services, you’ll discover some wonderful takes on modern services; our Massage style is inspired by techniques passed down through history, used on Kings from the ancient Angkor era, and combine more modern techniques with proven benefits to your body and mind. Facials and Body Scrubs not only feel great, but keep your skin looking young and healthy. Manicure and Pedicure services and Hair Removal are also services we provide at the highest standards.

Our team of therapists possess incredible talent and expertise, and are fully trained in-house. We also strongly believe that we can all be greener, and are conscious of our environment. We do not use Palm Oil, and many of our products are organic and eco-friendly.

Discover why Lemongrass Garden has become the most popular day spa in Siem Reap after by booking your treatment today. After all, you deserve it.


Wonderful, fabulous, money saving news! As of Thursday 6th June, when you spend over 60 minutes doing treatments at Lemongrass Garden, you will receive 20% discount! (for non-members) All loyal members will also be rewarded by receiving +10% on top of your usual promo, so up to 40% off! This is a one week only promotion, so come escape the heat, rain, noise, dusty streets or whatever else is worthy of escaping, and relax with our highly trained, smiley therapists. We’ll be delighted to see you.

*Terms and conditions apply. Promotion does not apply to packages. Only available at locations 1 and 2. Lemongrass Garden retains the right to refuse promotion.

Let's GO GREEN, Together

Our massage oils are completely organic and eco-friendly. In fact, lots of our other products are too! None contain palm oil. We strive to be as green as we can be. Please say NO to disposable underwear and opt to keep your own on. Check out our goals to find out more.

Say NO to disposable underwear

Choosing to keep your own on instead
will help to prevent unnecessary waste.
help us

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