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Your Body is a Temple

Lemongrass Garden is a mid-range, family run spa based in the heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia. In 2018, we took some major steps to becoming Siem Reap’s first eco-conscious spa. Now, you’ll discover that many of our spa products are completely natural, environmentally friendly and organic. To ensure this quality, many of the fresh ingredients we use in our treatments and teas are grown by us at our own little organic farm. We also say no to the use of palm oil products. While being green has become one of our key priorities, our real passion still lies wholeheartedly within the therapy of relaxation.

Our aim is to maintain the healthy balance of Cambodian hospitality and warmth, while delivering high Western standards. Our treatments have been developed by us combining the ancient techniques of Cambodia with more modern practices. Our therapists, who are highly trained and experienced, possess incredible talent and expertise, and are fully trained in-house. 

Treat yourself and discover why Lemongrass Garden has become Siem Reap’s favorite go-to day spa.

Organic Massage

Our massage oils are completely organic and eco-friendly. In fact, lots of our other products are too! None contain palm oil. We strive to be as green as we can be. Please say NO to disposable underwear and opt to keep your own on. Check out our goals to find out more.

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