Traditional Massage

Full Body Massage

Invigorating Khmer massage releases trapped toxins for improved blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, aids recovery

60m  –  $16     |     90m  –  $23

Foot & Lower Leg Massage

An indulgent massage with lotion, revitalizes sore muscles and awakens senses throughout the body with pressure points.

30m  –  $10     |     60m  –  $16     |     90m  –  $23

Full Body Oil Massage

with Organic essential oil

Traditional Cambodian techniques encourage deep relaxation, helping to relieve tension and sooth your body and mind.

60m  –  $19     |     90m  –  $27

Full Leg Massage

with Organic essential oil

A restorative massage encouraging the release of impurities in your legs and feet, whilst improving circulation. Deeply relaxing.

60m  –  $20     |     90m  –  $28

Back Neck & Head Massage

with Organic essential oil

A blissful, yet powerful treatment that eases tension and encourages the repair of sore muscles and back pain.

60m  –  $20     |     90m  –  $28

Khmer Strength Massage

with Organic essential oil

A deep full body massage that eases muscle tension, relieves stress and knots, and helps lower blood pressure.

60m  –  $22     |     90m  –  $32

Choose Your Oil

All oils are Organic, 100% Natural, no palm oil. Base oils are 30% coconut oil + 70% rice bran oil.

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