Traditional Massage in Cambodia

Traditional massage, also known as Khmer massage, is an ancient custom, passed down since before the Angkorian era began. This famous technique is tailored to target specific pressure points, releasing tension and promoting better circulation throughout the body. What’s more, our masseuses use only the finest, all-natural ingredients to ensure the ultimate relaxation experience. Finally, our massage oils are carefully chosen for their healing properties, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and nourished. With our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, you can rest assured that our massages are not only good for you, but good for the planet too.

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Full Body Massage

Pressure points ∘ Improve circulation

60 mins – $16
90 mins  – $23
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with oil | 4 hands body massage 

Foot & Lower Leg Massage

with Reflexology ∘ Organic lotion

30 mins –  $10
60 mins  –  $16 
90 mins – $23

Traditional Oil Massages

Oil massages are the height of relaxation. Complimenting the technique, we use only top quality, organic and vegan friendly massage oils.

Full Body Oil Massage

Deep relaxation ∘ Relieves stress
60m  –  $19
90m  –  $27

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Full Leg Oil Massage

Releases impurities ∘ Deeply relaxing

60m  –  $20
90m  –  $28

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Back Neck & Head Oil Massage

Powerful ∘ Eases tension

60m  –  $20
90m  –  $28

Khmer Strength Oil Massage

Deep muscle work ∘ Healing

60m  –  $22
90m  –  $32
See similar: 4 hands back, neck

A Choice of Natural Massage Oils

Our top quality massage oils are completely natural. From the base oils to the essential oils, every ingredient is totally organic, and locally produced. Choose from lemongrass, eucalyptus, jasmin or ylang.

– No palm oil is used.

– Base oil: 70% bran oil, 30% coconut oil

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