Eco Friendly Spa

Eco friendly, organic products and a happy team is what we are about

We are Cambodia’s first eco friendly spa, a family run business, and we use organic products. Below, we’ve listed some of the things that we feel you might care to know about. It’s not everything we do, but it’s a start! As we improve further, we’ll keep you informed as well. Thank you for taking the time to read about our incredible team and our spa! 

Happy, Healthy Team


Happy, Healthy Team​

It is our aim to help our team build a better future for themselves and their families. We discover potential therapists from underprivileged backgrounds, and enter them into our 3 month training program. Here, they are paid to learn, while developing their skills and improving their English. As they progress through the treatments, we assess them on their skill set, and allow them to perform the treatments that they do well, for our customers. 

After completion of training, every student is given the opportunity to work with us full-time. We offer a generous package with a competitive salary, commission paid on all treatments, annual bonuses, paid holidays and, of course, 100% of tips.

Free accommodation is provided if required, and we promote from within. Meaning everybody is given the chance to improve themselves further.


Eco Friendly Spa with Organic Farm​

2019 revealed a lot. Global warming was increasing due to deforestation. A large part of this is due to palm oil plantations. The base oil used by most spas is palm oil based, due to the low price. We also used this oil at that time. Immediately, we went to check our product labels for palm oil. Without exception, every product had it. A drastic overhaul occurred then and there. Our products were given away, and we rebranded ourselves as being green and eco-conscious.

On a small plot of land we acquired, we started growing our own produce. Not only is it far more eco-friendly, but we grow everything organically! From the lemongrass and ginger in your drink when you arrive, to the facials, scrubs and moisturizers. We look forward to seeing what we can grow and use next!

Eco Friendly Spa with Organic Farm


Organic Products by Kambio Nature - Eco Friendly

Organic Products by Kambio Nature - Eco Friendly

Not all products were we able to produce ourselves. After some research, we discovered a company in Siem Reap that create organic products, including massage oil, lotions and other spa essentials. Thrilled to find this amazing company, we met the owners, a lovely French family located just outside of the busy town. They gave us a tour, where they showed how they produce the vast amount of oils they do. Since then, we’ve used their products. We are proud that our massage oils are completely organic and contain no palm oil. We highly recommend you visit them too! 

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