Body Scrubs

Foot Scrub

Vegan, organic, locally produced

30-45 min – $15

Ginger and sea salt infused with essential oils give this home-made foot scrub a natural boost. Moisturising, exfoliating and revitalizing.

Seaweed Body Polish

60 min – $22

A soft strength cleansing polish, which exfoliates by removing impurities and dead cells, resulting in smooth and revitalized skin with restored elasticity. A very good healer of sunburn.

Khmer Herbal Body Scrub

Organic, locally produced

60 min – $25

Natural, medium strength body scrubs containing an abundance of nutrients. Exfoliates and restores skin to it’s natural beauty. Ingredients include sesame seeds, tamarind, ginger, honey, pineapple and sea salt.

Ginger & Sea Salt Body Scrub

Vegan, organic, locally produced

60 min – $25

A skin scouring hard strength scrub of sea salt infused with natural ginger softens and smooths the skin, scrubbing away dirt and oil. With toning properties, this body scrub fights signs of aging.
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