4 Hands Signature Massage

The famous 4 hands khmer massage of Lemongrass Garden are truly out of this world. Lotion and essential oil massages are performed in perfect synchronisation for an incredible experience, and double up the benefits of the classical massages.
We highly recommend you try.

4 Hands Traditional Full Body Massage

No Oil
60m – $30  |  90m – $40

With Oil
60m – $35  |  90m – $50

A heavenly massage experience with twice the benefits of traditional body massage. We recommend with essential oil.

4 Hands Foot and Lower Leg Massage

30 min – $18  |  60 min – $32

A synchronised massage that truly pushes the limits of relaxation. Improved circulation helps carry much needed nutrition to muscles and tissues, whilst anxiety and stress are eased.

4 Hands Back Massage with Essential Oil

30 min – $25  |  60 min – $45

Tension and pain is relieved by stimulating the flow of energy along the spinal branches of the bladder meridian, with this synchronised massage that heals and totally relaxes.

4 Hands Full Leg with Essential Oil

30 min – $25  |  60 min – $45

A synchronised massage experience that provides relief to sore legs and invites relaxation and rejuvenation in all forms. Escape worries and tensions, and feel like new.

* Upgrade Your Oil? *

You can enjoy our completely Organic, Palm Oil Free, aromatic massage oils with base 30% coconut and 70% rice bran oil for just $1 extra!

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